Css for list Collection Component

Css to edit text on list component

What exact text do you want to edit? Are you on Business/Enterprise?

Yes I am. I want to change the text on the card component or list component

What change do you want to make? Is it the title, description or meta?


And what change do you want to make to it?

Font color and font style

List collection component:

div[class*="card-collection-list"] div[class*="regular-text"] :nth-child(1) {
color: red;
font-style: italic;

Card collection component:

div[class*="card-collection-card"] p[class*="card-collection-card"] {
color: red;
font-style: italic;

Do I have to name the Css class

If you only want to apply it to a specific component then yes, then add it to the CSS.

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Is it possible to stick part of the card component at the top of the screen. This part on this image

I don’t think I’m following. Like do you mean moving the cards up a bit?

I need that part of the card component not to scroll I need it to stick on top. That is the search bar and the button to add items

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