[CSS] Blurring the background on tablet/desktop mode


I’d like to know how to blur the background on the tablet/desktop mode when a screen Edit is opened from a button, displaying like a popup or a modal. I tried the CCS code shared by @Lucas_Pires @ThinhDinh on their Notion page to build a custom modal box but the result is not the one expected.

A screenshot will be more explicit :point_down:

Do you have any idea to blur only the background ?

Thanks for your help


Can you specify which one are you using?

Sure. Here is it

/* Blurry */
<a style="top:180px;">
<div style="
margin: 0%; 
background-color: rgb(0 0 0 / 70%); 
backdrop-filter: blur(4px);">

I don’t think I have an answer for this. What we are trying to do here is putting a blurry background on top of what we are already have, I have tried using z-index specifically on that edit modal to put it on top of the background but it just doesn’t work.