Creation of multiple rows dynamically

I use this, specifically.

Built my value structure through my app and pass it via the webhook.

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Thanks, everyone for so much input.

I came up with a solution that would work with any solution that allows to loop over a table. I used App Script.

I restructured the data to the following:
Products & Components (id, name, type)
Assembly (id, product id, component id, quantity)
Production List (id, product id, quantity, status)

@Roldy your template was very helpful in re-thinking the data structure. I had not considered multiple levels of connections before.

With these 3 tables I can reach unlimited levels deep in the BOM and add an unlimited number of sub-components at each level. At the same time the table structure is pretty simple.

All I do now is send a webhook with the product ID & quantity I want to produce to my app script. That loops through the Assembly table and finds all components that need to be ordered & calculates the required quantity.

Then it writes an entry for each part that needs to be ordered/produced in the Production List.


It looks like there are quite a few people here who had this issue before and I assume we won’t be the last.

@ThinhDinh @Roldy @VVerhille @Darren_Murphy

Please upvote this loop action feature which would make this and similar implementation so much easier: Looped Actions

It looks like it didn’t gain much traction. Maybe because a lot of Glide users are not developers, so a loop action doesn’t mean much to them? Not sure.

But it would be great if we could generate some traction for that feature!


Now it’s ok thanks!
But sorry @SantiagoPerez why the maker is My Team and not Roldy?

It is extremely complex to do everything in one row, all inside Glide of course.
Honestly, with the tools we have today, I don’t know if I would be able to do that.
Do you think it’s possible @gvalero ? I’ll think about it too as soon as I have a moment.

Unfortunately, I have reached my limit of votes, and I cannot support it. Yes, it would be really useful, but I say that if it were possible to work with actions that are able to act on multiple relations, we could achieve amazing results without the need to find workarounds all the time.

This most likely the info that you have in your template. If you want your name to appear on the template store you need to go to app info settings and change your team name for your name.

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Sorry, I can’t find this setting. App info in Pages it is different from App, here there is no section where to write the author’s name.

You are right! Type your name in the description.

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Do you mean that I’ve to submit the template again writing Roldy in the description input field?

Hola Roldy,

Let me try something when I have some free time although your requirements to have 99 levels is … :woozy_face: :upside_down_face:

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You do not need to resubmit it.

I meant, next Page that you submit, type your name in the description so it gets posted on the Template store.

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