Creating a Set of Milestone Checklist for each Project

Dear Community

We are trying to create a fixed set of check list for each Candidate we have hired, something similar to this

We have the milestones in the column while each project/candidate is the row. How can we use relationship or array to move the column milestones into a checklist format / inline list?

You need to transpose the columns into rows. Take a look at the following video:

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Can this be done the same as a to do list? Seems like the relation is to the user login. We need the tasks to be tag to the Candidate (project) and seen by certain Role and not user login.

Yes, a similar technique can be applied to any series of columns.
What you’ll probably need to do is modify the action on your inline list once you have it transposed. Difficult to say exactly what needs to be done without looking at your setup.

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