Create Tap-to-Page for individual elements in a Collection

As a newbie, my terminology maybe wrong, but here it is: I’ve created a HOME layout page which loads from a HOME data sheet. On the HOME layout page, in the Collection, there are four elements. Each element has a summary, including photo, the title of the element, a brief description, and “…” on the far right. I want to touch each element and have that element go to the that element’s page. For example, the first element on the HOME page is “Guides”. There is a “Guides” page which loads and is great. From the HOME screen, I want to touch the “Guides” summary and have it load the “Guides” page. I’ve checked the Glide University and asked ChatGPT 4o and Perplexity, but I still cannot find a solution. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Create a custom action with conditional branches for each Show New Screen

I.e. if element is 1 show new screen else if element is 2 show new screen else if element is 3 show new screen, etc…