Create a planning

Hi ! Can you help me please ? I have a problem creating my app and I really need your help. I have looking for solutions for many hours and I cant solve it :disappointed:
I want to create a planning month by month with a letter for each Day (ex march 1 = R, march 2 = M, march 3 = R…).
I need a page with a photo for each month. Then I click to MARCH and I see a table with 2 columns (day + letter).
I have created my home page with months and photos. When I click on march, I see a table with my table with my 2 columns. BUT ! when I click on April, I also see march planning :confounded: I cant change to april otherwise it also change when I click on March photo.
I tried to create many table to fix it (1 table for March, 1 for april, 1 for May…) and it dont works better.
I tried to create relations into my tables and it dont works…
Do you have solution for me ? Is it possible to do that ?
Sorry for my english (do you speak french by any chance ?)
Thank you for your help :pray: