Count only true column. How?

Hello community! I have a question about how to deal with a situation. To illustrate, imagine that you have a list of items and there are several columns in which you mark true or false in each of them. And in a given column you add up how many columns are marked true. how to do this?

Use a rollup column, it has an option to count true values.

Oh wait, I didn’t read properly. Sorry.
Do it like this:

  • use a make array column to create an array from all of your Boolean columns
  • then use a rollup that targets the array column

yes, it was the first thing I tried to do, but the rollup function counts any element, and in the case of a cell with a Boolean value, false is also considered a value, that is, this function counts how many elements an array has, whether true or false. If there was a conditional way to count it would be great.

Sorry for interrupting. Coincidentally, I have a similar case where I use the “math” column. It works for my case.

Perhaps you missed my edit?

If you do it as I described, it works. Please observe:


For some reason the option to count only true ones in Rollup was not available, I removed the columns and added them again and now it is working as you suggested. Thank you for that!

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