Convert WeekNum to "Week of XYZ"

I’m using Weeknum to get the date of several weeks in a row. IF I want to display the date of the Sunday or Monday that starts a given week, how might I do that? For example I have Weeknum(now) and Weeknum(now)+1. How can I show:

Week of May 29th
Week of June 5

Instead of “22” or “23”?

To get the Date of Monday of the current week, you can use the following in a Math column:


You can then use the result of that in a Template column:

CleanShot 2023-06-02 at 11.30.10@2x

If you want the date of Monday next week, just adjust the Math column as follows:


Awesome! I had a feeling you’d have the answer. Thanks @Darren_Murphy

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