Convert to Time Value


I watched Mr.Robert convert time to time value so that I can manage open or close time.

I put 9.00 which the time I would like to open and I chose dateandtime column but time did not show. So I changed to number column, it shown 9.00 but I cannot do math with.

This is short video clip.

It’s showing me weird date

Put the number, it was there. But once I click enter my number was gone.

What exactly is your desired outcome? Have you tried using “0.375” instead?

0.375 corresponds to 9/24 (9AM/24 hours). Say you want 12PM then it would be 0.5 (12PM/24 hours).

Please also make sure you choose Parts > Time only.


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Thank you so much. I was just put 09.00 directly, I have no idea I have to put 0.375 instead (9/24)

I’ve come this far because of watching a lot of YouTube, specially Mr. Robert’s videoes and all of the help of this community.


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