Container, two columns next to each other not beneath each other

I wanted to use the container element with two colums to have to choice elements on the same level. One in the right column and one in the left column. But it always shows them one on top and one beneath and not next to each other. How can I change that?
Thanks for your help.

Is this what you are looking for?


I think so. But no idea how to implement that. Where do I find the custom CSS and how do I add this code?

Copy the class name into your container’s CSS class and copy the code from the link into the custom CSS as follows:

Thank you, I appreciate your help alot.

Although I have a paid plan, I do not see this custom CSS field. Have to ask support first how to activate it.

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It seems your plan is a deviation from the classic one. Please contact the support center for the best course of action.

I am , Thanks

Do you have an old pricing plan or the newest one? Only on the newest plan, you have CSS on every paid plan. On the old one, only Business/Enterprise have it.