Contact Glide expert

Does any one know how to reach Lisa Timbillah from Glide
I hired her for a project and I am unable to contact her



Thanks, @Don2019. I’ll reach out.

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Sir do know of any way I can reach out to her my self?

How did you hire Lisa in the first place? I assume you’d have her email address. I’ll need Lisa to confirm before sharing contact information. If you want to schedule a call, you can do so here: Lisa Timbillah • Expert • Glide

I hired Lisa on Code mentor Sir.

@Don2019 Please be accurate when posting to the forum.

I have not accepted any project on Code Mentor to date… I am now seeing your project request. To be clear, submitting a request and hiring a developer with a mutual agreement from both parties are two very different things…

Please move forward with canceling your project request on Code Mentor. I don’t have availability for any new client work at the moment.