Confirm payment

The payment system I am going to use allows me to enter a payment confirmation URL.

The clients of my application can subscribe to a plan and I need to make a note that the client made the payment.

Since I have the information of which plan the client wants to pay, it occurred to me to create a thank you page screen. If the customer pays they will be redirected to that screen, what I need to do is count the customer’s visit to that link to mark the subscription as paid. It’s possible?


Shouldn’t you be able to trigger something from this step instead of relying on the “thank you page” visits?

I was thinking if you’re able to trigger a webhook from that step then you can record payments in a Glide Table or a Google Sheet.

It’s just that I don’t have the technical knowledge to work with the payment processor api.

That’s why I thought that if I can somehow count those customers who view the thank you page, I can somehow confirm that they paid and activate their membership.