Configure "Go to next row" button

Can I configure a button to move forward to see the next record or row? Tanks for your help

For starters you will need to use this method to create row numbers (use case #2).

Then what you would do is add a math column to add 1 to that index number. Then use a Single Value column to retrieve the RowId from the array where you get the nth item (using the math column value) from start of the array. The result should be the RowID of the next row. Once you have the RowID of the next row, then you can create a single relation the links the current row to the next row. Finally create a button with a ‘Show Detail Screen’ action that refers to that relation.


Thank you for this!!!

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Thank you for the excellent exchange.
I have an additional question.

I would like to put a button on each account that takes me to the next “detail”.

I was able to specify the “next content” using the “Query” function, but the “Query” column cannot be selected as the destination for the “detail”.

Is there a solution?

A Query column does not return the equivalent of a ‘single relation’, even though you have it set up to match only one row. I believe a Query column is similar to a multiple relation. Because of that, you will have to add a ‘Single Value → Whole Row’ column which will return the first row from the Query column. The it will act like a single relation and I think you should be able to point your button to that Single Value column.

The alternative is to create a template column joining the account ID and the ‘next number’ column together, then create a single relation instead of a query.