Conditional Rollup

Happy new year Gliders!

I have seen some answers about conditional rollups, but I strongly believe it should be a feature request.Looking at this table I have, I wish to easily do a count of how many times my lookup returned the value “0” for example.

Pending (if and) when it is a feature, what is the workaround to get this data?

Any time you want a conditional relation/Rollup, create the condition first with an ITE column.

If [COLUMN] = 0 then 1 (or TRUE) else 0 or empty (or FALSE)

Then Rollup by doing a sum of 1s (or a count of trues)


Same logic for sum as well!
If the condition is True
Then use the value or else use 0
And then you can sum it all up!

Right. A native conditional relation has been requested many times here on the forum, but until it happens, it requires the use of a combination of Glide columns.



If you want a one-column solution then I have this experimental code to help.

The link is:


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