Conditional CSS Classes

What it says on the tin, would be cool if we could add conditionals to styles based on variables within the tables

Like passing the value of a column header to a component’s CSS class? :eyes:

Is there an example use case you’re thinking of, or a particular way you see it working?

An example to illustrate what I mean would be to have a css class that affects the width of a button or the alignment, but whether this is applied or not depends on the column “mobile device” being checked.
this column is an if column based on another which reads the user’s device width and determines if it is mobile over a certain px width.
I know there are other workarounds for this example as such, but serves to explain.

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Got it. Sounds like helper classes that you’d find in CSS frameworks?

Helper Classes, but perhaps more important dynamically generated classes.
ie. you could build a specific class in the Data Editor based on user interactions and other App states.
At the moment you just have to dump everything in the CSS box, and it’s completely static.