I’m creating an IT equipment inventory APP in GLIDE and I’m not able to move forward with two needs.
Here’s my scenario:

I have a spreadsheet yesterday where all my equipment is registered.

I have a Glide table for each column in the worksheet.

That is, when adding a new piece of equipment to the spreadsheet, the glide lists the data registered in the glip tables.

1- In the registration information of a new equipment, in the table where the data are, there are two fields: OWNER and IMAGE.
I need that, at the time of castration of this item, it is identified that company A was selected and in the image field, the image of this company is added.

2- I am creating an inventory with the following serial number:
COMPANY A: 1 to 200

COMPANY B: 201 to 400.

COMPANY C: 401 to 600.
How do I create an automatic serial number increment based on company selection?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

Here’s one way to do automatic increment: