Compare TimeOnly column with SingleValue column (TimeOnly) doesn't works

Hi, i have a table wit a TimeOnly Column and i get the first value using a Single Value column.
All works fine until i try to using an ITE column to compare this value with another value in another table that is a TimeOnly column
None of comparision logic like On or Before, On or After works
What am i wrong ?
Thanks in advance

The comparison logic is available but doesn’t work…or do you mean it’s not available?

No, seems doesn’t works.
If i have the valule of a = 3:00 in the timecolum and the value of b = 3:30 in SingleValue column the operator “a before b” works fine and return true
But If i have the valule of a= 4:00 in the timecolum and the value of b= 3:30 in SingleValue column the operator “a on or before b” also and return true.
Is this correct ?
How can i implement the conditions that a time is less or equal another time ?
I would like to have that if a = 3.00 and b= 3.30 return true and also return true if a = 3.30 and b=3:30
Thanks again

There is usually an underlying date. If you double click on the cell in the data editor, what do you see? You may be comparing two completely different dates.


I think your problem comes from your TimeOnly Column.

It has an internal date and time (e.g. Jul 7, 2023 at 3:00), but the format previously set in the Glide editor only allows you to see its time (3:00).

Therefore, your ITE column is comparing a Text (“3:00”) retrieved by your SingleValue column with a date Value (Jul 7, 2023 at 3:00) and that is wrong.

Both values must be text or have a date.


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Hi, thanks for the reply and you are right.
I tried this before, but if i convert the TIME as text, i swap a problem with another because 10:30 is before 8:00 since “1” is less than “8” (as text value) and so it doesn’t works again
Thanks a lot


The easy and lazy solution is to use the “HH” format for the hours, with this, your hours will look like “00, 01, 02, 03, … 22, 23” and any comparison will be done correctly.

The Format Date plugin can help you with this.

Feliz día!

One thing I would do is use a math column to convert the hour and minute into a number.


Then you have a true number to use for comparisons instead of text.