Compact design

I am working on an app that need to have 8 questions answered.
6 are Number Entry and 2 are check boxes.
The problem is that the Number Entry fields take up a lot of room and so to see the results of the calculations the user will have to scroll down some way.
I am not exoecting a soulution but it would be nice to have suggestions as to an alternative layout…

Also I can’t seem to add any text as the data box is not available and the text box is showing the data list!

Please have a look at the app if you have time…


Not sure of a good solution for the space taken up by all the components, but here are some random thoughts.

  • Using a phone, you may have more screen real estate and actually see more fields on the screen compared to the builder or a computer browser.
  • You could use hint text instead of a label for the entry field. Would be confusing once everything is filled in though.
  • You could create checkboxes or switches to hide and show certain entry fields.
  • You could move the result field to the top of the screen.

Here’s how to add custom text.