Combine multiple user profile pics

Hi Gliders,

Is there a way to automatically combine users profile picture as one. for example : they if all belong to Team 1, then Team one image will be a combination of the individuals pictures ?

Not in Glide, but relatively easy with Cloudinary. I think the closest you could get with Glide would be to display them side by side using an inline list tiles view.

how would that work with cloudinary? does it pick data from my sheets automatically?

You’d probably want to start with a template that is pre-loaded in Cloudinary, and then dynamically overlay both images on top of that template.

With Cloudinary, it would be easy if you know in advance how many layers you will have. I would say do it like a Spotify album cover, pick 4 random profile images (for example) and then use them as overlays on top of a base image.