Collection Style (Grid)

How do make the space between my Component & Collection Style (grid) below it?

Do you mean you want to increase the space or something else?

decrease the space

What plan are you on? Do you have access to CSS?

Maker plan

yes to CSS

Ok, since your screenshot is not clear, I assume:

  • You have 2 components next to each other, the component below amongst those is a grid collection.

  • You want to decrease space between those 2 components.

Here’s what I have:

I name my grid collection’s class as grid-collection.

.grid-collection {
margin-top: 0px;

Without the code, it looks like this:

That did the trick.
Thank you so much.

Where can you find examples of more css for glide?

I plan to create a library, there’s no ETA, but I think it would benefit the community a lot.

We used to have a Notion library for Classic, but most of those don’t work anymore.