Cloudinary to glide

If I upload multiple images to Cloudinary how can the URLs be imported into Glide?

How many images?
If it’s just a handful, the simplest option is probably to copy/paste the URLs into the Data Editor.

If more than just a handful, then you could probably use Make to fetch the URLs from Cloudinary and push them into Glide via the API. I’m aware that Make has a Cloudinary module, although personally I’ve never used it - so I’m not 100% certain it will do the job.

Thanks Darren…I will look … you are always fast to respond


How are you uploading your files to Cloudinary though? Do you mean going to your account and upload them manually, or having an automated flow from somewhere else?

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This is to build an app where parents watching their children’s (say) gymnastics or dance competitions, could use their mobile phones to select photos that they would like to purchase from photographers covering the event. At the moment the only choice is to join a very long queue at the end of the performance in a room containing sheets of thumbnails and try to identify the photos they would like to purchase. I see photographers manually uploading thumbnails to cloudinary instead.