Can you track PWA installs in google analytics?

Hi Guys,

I have google analytics 4 setup for glide.

I’m looking for a way to tell if people installed the app, or if they are just browsing the page.

Is there a way to track whether users are browsing your app through an install or through web?


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Hey !

Have you seen these videos :arrow_down:

HI Aymen,

Yes I have!

I’m just wondering if people found a way to see in an analytics if people have actually installed the app to their home screen, or just browsing to the web address.

I’m curious to see if the retention of people that have installed the App vs the ones who don’t is better.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember that it’s possible to see if users actually installed the app. But don’t quote me on that, I think that you may get more info on that very soon.

Hope this helps !

This may be of use:


Did anyone ever figure out how to accomplish this? I see the the link to Stack Overflow, but I’m wondering how this was utilized with Glide.

Looks like it should be possible using the Javascript Plugin.
Because it’s a computed column, there wouldn’t be a way to see the value for each user from the builder, but what you could do is use an action somewhere in the app that takes the computed value and writes it to a non-computed column in each users profile.

Update: I just tested this quickly, and it works. At least with IOS. I used the following javascript code:

if (window.matchMedia('(display-mode: standalone)').matches) {
  return 'installed';
else {
  return 'not installed';

Sweet! Thanks for sharing.