Can we add NFC tag?

Hello everyone,

I want to know if someone know how to create a NFC tag for a new customer who subscribe to a service?

Thanks !

What would the NFC tag do? Take the scanner of the NFC to a particular spot in the app?

The only scenario I see here is using an NFC Encoding software and physical mediums (stickers, cards, etc.) to embed Glide deep links …so that if/when an NFC-enabled device (smartphone) is tapped, it will go directly to the embedded page via “deep link”…except on the web, through which ever default browser the user uses…

…this would be a decent amount of work, because you would have to open each glide app page on the web that you want to encode, copy the link, possibly decode it, then encode it into your NFC medium (sticker, card, etc.) and test from there…should the link change at any point…restart from “…you would have to open each app page…” 😵‍💫

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I want people to subscribe to a service such as a gym for exemple with monthly payment and have my app to enter in the gym or theatre, etc… When you pass your phone to the reader, a green light appear or any action on the reader screen.

Yup, its a mess. Can you see better option such as rfid for exemple?

NFC is a form of RFID, being that they use the same “signals” to interact. The main and significant difference is that NFC can read AND write data…NFC is probably the more versatile route for this…but each individuals NFC-based membership card would have to:

A) be created and populated dynamically and,
B) have the ability to be updated dynamically per user (say a status change, personal information change, etc.) to function correctly and within privacy protection protocols.

This tech is still somewhat nascent, but no easy feat to roll out…unless you’re a national gym franchise with a hefty budget! :money_mouth_face:

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We’d love to have nfc especially for employees when they clock-in/out at their workplace. However, I’m not expecting this feature anytime soon. Based on the fact that even native apps are not able to freely operate such thing I’d be highly surprised if PWA’s had this ability.

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