Can visibility logic in Glide repeat more than once AND and OR?

I’m not sure if Glide can fix this … I have a button on the Details page that the user can click. My problem is with the visibility of this button. Its visibility is linked to 4 conditions. My problem is that the first three conditions: A, B and C are linked by an AND, and the last, D is linked to C by an OR. Is it possible to solve this problem, which looks like this A AND B AND (C OR D)?

Use an if-then-else column:

  • If not A, then empty
  • If not B, then empty
  • If C, then true
  • If D, then true
  • Else empty

Then use that if-then-else column to drive your component visibility (ie. show the component when it’s true)


Thank you… I will try this…

I figured this out with this logic.

  1. Create an ITE Column for visibility logic we call it E-column
  2. For the A-column and B-column it is IF xxxxx Then Whatever you want (of course you have 2 IF)
  3. For C and D, since they depend one to each other IF C-column xxxx Then D-column true
  4. Then in Visibility component conditions, you have only 2 conditions: E column and D column.

I don’t know if I was clear, it was quite tricky :crazy_face:

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