Can I only check 1 post as Solution?

Hi! Is it me or there’s only 1 response we can check as Solution in the threads here?
It’s a bit “rude”, when I come up with a Solution thks to different people, kinda team-brainstorming, I end up combining them all and check my own response as Solution for synthesis reason and anyone looking for the same issue. But it looks so ungrateful! 🙍
As the last Solution checked is the only one.
I think any solution is never really “mathematical”, but an opening to many potential options and deeper features.
Marking several responses as Solutions for better transparency and respect for the experts’ time and contributions would be great and more helpful too.
Thks :cherry_blossom::slightly_smiling_face:

The purpose of marking a reply as a solution is to help those that might come looking with a similar problem or challenge in the future. So you should pick the one that provides the best solution, or gets you closest to what you needed.

For other good replies, you always have the option to “like” them.

And I wouldn’t worry, I’m quite sure nobody will be offended if you don’t pick their reply as a solution :slightly_smiling_face:


Frustrations aside, I was wondering if anything was also used for the stats to “value” people’s contributions.
Some values can never be quantified.
Thks, Darren :cherry_blossom: