Callenge: limits for price entry based on average item price

I have item prices and average calculated as follows:


If new item is entered using Form Screen, I want to limit price entry within -50% and +50% of average unit price. In this example, for ham would be 5-15 and Eggs for 0,20-0,60.

Calculating avrege price was easy, but I can’t find the solution for set the limits intended in real time, e.g. during the data entry for new item. It is requred that after filling of field “Item”, the limits for “Price” should be 5-15 for “Ham”!

Will you be using a custom form?

If yes, it’s quite simple.
If no, then I don’t believe it’s possible.

I am using simple Form Screen. I am not familiar with Custom Screen, I will check it. How it helps to get information based on item during data entry?

When you use a Custom Form, the values the user enters are written to User Specific columns, which means that you can use them to compare to pre-existing data, and control the user flow based on those comparisons. You don’t have this option with native forms, as the values are not written to the table until after the form is submitted - which is too late to take any action.

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Here’s the thread on how to create a custom form.