Call a php script from Glide and wait for a response

My need would be to run a simple php script to perform some operations in the customer’s CRM, and then wait a response from the php script with a status about the completed or failed operation…
I’ve to read this response and then perform some other action inside Glide.
May be with webhook? Or some other way?
Do you’ve an example?

A web hook won’t work for this, because a web hook doesn’t listen for a response. Certainly doable using Apps Script.

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy , do you’ve an example or some link reference to see?

With Apps Script you would use the urlFetchApp service.

If you can wait till tomorrow, I can provide some example code (it’s late here now)

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Thanks again. Good night

Actually @Roldy if you look at the code in my JSON API tutorial, there is an example there.

It’s basically the same thing, you use UrlFetchApp to call a URL, and then process what gets returned. If you decide to use this method and need some help with the code, just give a shout.

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