Calendar Component Display

Is there any possible way to have the calendar component (day view) restrict the time period shown and expand the time block display from 30min/event to allow the display to clearly show when shorter events end and not overlap? For my application, I need a detailed daily view of the calendar, but more than half of the component display is a useless waste of space, as nothing will ever be scheduled outside of 8AM - 6PM, and most events in my case are only 15min but still display as though they are 30min, so they appear to overlap each other. It would be really great if I could have it display only from 8am to 6PM, and then expand the display vertically to allow for 15 minute (or other duration < 30min) events.
Just to clarify, it is functioning correctly, but the

Any ideas?


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I would love that ability to customize, but unfortunately it’s not available for now.

Could a CCS expert do it on business plan?

I would hire one if it’s possible. I need the calendar to show multiple team members for example:

I think this is much different than the layout they have now, so it’s not just about CSS, but also about how the data is read.

At that point, I would just explore options for using a HTML calendar, I’m just throwing that idea out there, I’m not sure if it’s possible.

Yes. This feature is much needed. Just wondering if it be added to a future feature request?