Calculating Number of days left to end the month

How can I get number of days left in the month from a date column? My column A has a date of 27th April 2023 for example. How can I get the number of days left in the month of April? I know there must be an easy formula for that, just can’t get my head around it :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to use Glide Math column, I think this works if you replace “month” with your column A:

day((month - day(month) + 1 + 45) -
day(month - day(month) + 1 + 45)) - day(month)

Otherwise, a simple google search reveals the answer:

This worked.

I tried the google one previously it didn’t work for me. Math column didn’t recognize the E0MONTH formula

is not a math column… Excel column

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