Calculating distance from one point to the user's home

Hi, I’m sure there must be a clever way to enable automatic distance calculation based on the coordinates in the map? My use case is the following: my app has a list of hotels. Currently in France people can only travel 100Km from their home so ideally I’d like the users to be able to enter their home address on an hotel individual card and being told how many km from their home the hotel is based on the coordinates that I have recorded for the hotel.
Any idea how to do this? Thanks in advance

Send me a personal message, I might be able to set it up for you based on the methods I have in this post.

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Thanks to the fabulous @ThinhDinh, I now have this setup in the app. Highly recommend asking him for help, he’s very knowledgeable and generous with his expertise and time.


Thanks so much Stephanie, it was an honour to help you!

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