Calculate a "streak"

Hello! I’m creating a “challenge” app that invites users to do a workout once a day. The users are part of a group of other users also doing the workouts.

What I’m wondering is if it’s possible for a user to mark a day of the challenge complete and:

  1. Show up to other users that they’ve completed it
  2. Added a day to their “streak” (or it resets if they haven’t)

Thank you!

It would depend somewhat on your data layout. I assume that you would use a Form for people to enter that they have completed a workout. You would then have to subtract one day from the date they said they completed the workout and then do a some kind lookup to see if there is a row that has the users ID, I assume their email with a date that matches the one day prior. If you wanted to could the number of days of a streak I think the only way would be to write a script that runs on a timers nightly to calculate the number of days in a row that the completed the workout.

Hey! I’m also working on a workout app but mine awards points for certain workouts and then ranks users. I wouldn’t mind seeing what yours looks like to see if any of it can be incorporated into mine (I could also share mine if you’d like to see it). Mine is early on.

Going WAY back! Did anyone ever figure out calculating a STREAK. (days in a row)

I thought maybe with the new things being introduced there may be some kind of way to do this!

  • fingers crossed -

Hi @spencersRus - did you see @Robert_Petitto’s post about streaks? It should help!

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