Calculate a "streak"

Hello! I’m creating a “challenge” app that invites users to do a workout once a day. The users are part of a group of other users also doing the workouts.

What I’m wondering is if it’s possible for a user to mark a day of the challenge complete and:

  1. Show up to other users that they’ve completed it
  2. Added a day to their “streak” (or it resets if they haven’t)

Thank you!

It would depend somewhat on your data layout. I assume that you would use a Form for people to enter that they have completed a workout. You would then have to subtract one day from the date they said they completed the workout and then do a some kind lookup to see if there is a row that has the users ID, I assume their email with a date that matches the one day prior. If you wanted to could the number of days of a streak I think the only way would be to write a script that runs on a timers nightly to calculate the number of days in a row that the completed the workout.