Button mood on tap

Do you think possible to change the color of a single button (left or right one of a buttons bar) when taping on one of them ?

The idea is the button switching to green (like the Start! one) if taping on it (to show it has been selected).
I haven’t found color change in the action menu so any help would be truelly appreciate :slight_smile:
Cheers from France,

Two ways you could do this:

  • First way would be to use two button bars, and then use visibility conditions to switch them when a button is tapped.
  • Second way would be to use conditional CSS to change the button colour when its tapped

Thanks a lot Darren. I will try thé first method. I hope it’s easy as I am far away being an expert :smile:
Have a nice day,

The first will be the easiest. You will just need an action on the button that toggles the state of a user specific boolean column (in addition to any existing actions). And then you can use the state of that column to determine which of the two button bars should be visible.

Thank you. I presume I should have 3 bars depending which button is taped : the first one, the one with the left button green, the third one with the right button green

Yeah, that sounds right. Although I’m not exactly sure what each button does, so can’t say for sure. But it should become obvious as you do it.


It works perfectly ! Thank you very much.

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