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Hey guys,
On my app, a sports Complex has multiple soccers pitches.
This pitches can be booked.
Pitches are available 7/7 from 10 AM to 12pm
I would like to allow my users to book pitches inside my app.
It means i need to show only available date then available time.
This data will be a choice component right ? If yes, how do I put this data, on my data editor ?
Currently, I have a row per complex

Duration of a booking can be 1h 1h30 or 2h

You will have a crazy amount of available choices if you’re using a choice component.

I think an event picker is better for this case, but that doesn’t reduce the complexity of it. You will likely have to do a combination of the things listed below:

  • Use a custom form.
  • Have an event picker to allow users to choose a duration for their booking.
  • Have some validation checkers here: Whether the start time is in the allowed time frame, whether the end time is in the allowed time frame, and whether it overlaps with any other existing bookings.
  • If all those conditions are satisfied, have a button to add a row to your bookings table.

something like that? :slight_smile:

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