Automatic location

Hello, good afternoon, I need to know how I can make the user when opening a “map” tab when opening it automatically show their location? Is there a feature to automatically detect it? I will be very grateful, greetings.


Thank you very much Jeff I hope to be able to learn quickly soon to be able to contribute as well. Thank you so much :grinning:

Jeff excuse me :pray:, how can I make the map that the user opens to see his own location not show the other pins of other users or publications that appear on the map? I just need your own location to appear. attached screen print: [] I tried to do it with a blank sheet but it asks for data, it does not show me the map if I do not have data entered, as I also read in the documentation that you sent me. The problem is that I cannot enter data as this map must serve the function of showing only the user’s location. I would appreciate your answer, thank you very much !!!

If you want the user to see only his/her own location as a pin, then first you would need to collect the user’s location via a location component.

After storing that to let’s say a User Profiles sheet, then you have a tab in the app, have a map layout, and filter the values by email is signed-in user.


ThinhDinh Thank you very much for your answer, do you know any of the apps in the repository with this configuration? so I was able to copy them. The truth will be 4 days and I am learning.