Autocomplete typing

Quite new to Glide, but so far what I have seen is really great, and offering a lot of opportunities for anyone with good IT basics without deep coding expertise.

I’d like to be able to provide end-user a kind of smart typing functionality.
Instead of a dropdown list, I’d like the user to start typing and have the ability to propose already existing values, but not restricting these values, meaning new value can be entered. This new value will then expand the proposed value for the next typing, in the case the proposed value list is based on the same field.
Excel provide a little bit this kind of feature, in a single column if you have contigus cells.

This should help to get consistency in value for a specific field and enable the user to grow the list of values by them self.

Hope the request and use case is clear. Thanks for the support.

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Updated topic title and link to similar feature request below.