Assign products to a budget

Hi Glide community.

I am trying to build an app in which I have to link projects with budgets.

I explain the process. First, you create a new project, choosing only the name. When you click on the project, a detail screen opens. Within this you can choose the Customer you want to assign the project to, once chosen you should be able to create a budget by adding “n” amount of products.

My problem is that I am unable to add the products to a budget by also linking them to the project table (it should be noted that the products are defined by categories and subcategories).

If I have not explained myself well, ask any questions you may have, thanks.

Are you choosing from a single list of products?

If yes, then probably the easiest way is to store a list of ProductIDs in a single column in your Projects table. You do this by adding a choice component to the details screen you spoke of, and enable multi-select. To link that back to your Products table, you would then add a Split Text column to create an array from the list, and use the Split Text column in a multiple relation.

I did, that’s not exactly my problem. Maybe you can understand it better with some screenshots.

You add the project and a new project is added in the projects table

You can click on any of the projects (kanban) to add more details.

Here you choose the client, and now you have to add products to the budget.

You click in one of the subcategories and you find this

if there were more than one item, the ones defined within the category would appear.
So, if you click on the item it should be added in the budget table, with the name of the project I am in, but I can’t find a way to assign the name of the project I’m working on to it.

In this way i should be able to get all the products that i add in the budget table based on the name of the project

Items are designed like this

I have 1 table for each categorie

I hope this has given you a better understanding of the problem, I have tried to describe it in as much detail as possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask

I’m still a bit unclear about the process to add items to the project. Couldn’t you add a collection for “related products”, and in that form you can choose the product’s ID, whilst also writing the project ID to the destination table?

Also, you seem to be using the name of the “budget” for relating. You should use IDs for that, since names can be changed or not unique.

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I can’t write the project ID in the table because the last step before choosing the item (this step)

The table comes directly from the subcategorie and the item comes from the item table, and that table is a table without any relation with the budget table, it doesn’t let me write the project ID at all.

(I have a table for each category to better group the items.)

I must be having a misconception and making some error. Thanks for your time

I have managed to solve it, I have created in the users table a column called “ProjectSelected” every time you click to enter a project assigns an unique value in that column, then to add it automatically when I choose the item I just have to take it from that table. Thanks for your time


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