App:Logins Checkbox

I just created an app for the internal communication in my office, and when checking the “App:Logins” sheet there are some users with a checkbox next to the email (see image below).
What it means this checkbox? does it change in something about the app functions??

Thanks for the help!

See ☑️ User agreement checkbox on sign in screen


Many thanks for the info. The thing is I haven’t activated the User Agreement option in the settings.


It may be there as a default option which will appear whether you use this feature or not.

I’m just wondering why appears now, and not before (I’ve been testing the app for a few days now and it’s the first time I see this chekcbox.
Anyway, thanks for the insighst!

Allt eh best,

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It is only been added within the last 24 ish hours so you would have not seen it a few days ago. Glide team works quickly…:slight_smile:

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