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Hello everyone ! i hope you’r all good, i have just a little question about the glide’s API, anyone know if it possible to make a POST request sent from glide with the API ? Thanks in advance for you’r help, and i wich you a good afternoon.
Joseph Menard.

Hello @Joseph_Menard,

We’re just creating some documentation on this which we aim to post live soon on docs.glideapps.com. Will circle back with link once it’s posted.



Can the api push multiple data in one call ?


Any information on this?

If I’m understanding correctly, the API documentation that Tom is referring to will not help with this. The Glide API (that’s currently only available to Enterprise customers) does not allow you to initiate outgoing API calls to external services from Glide - which is what the original question was asking, I think.

So the answer to the original question should be no.

That doesn’t mean of course that it’s not possible to initiate external API calls from Glide. There are a few ways to do this, but none of them involve using the Glide API.


Thank you for this information. Much appreciated :pray:

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