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I was thinking of getting metric data from my Instagram account, but I don’t know if it’s possible with Glide. Has anyone tried something like this?

Hi @Wander_Ferreira ,

maybe you can use integromat’s “instagram for business” integration and trigger it with a webhook in glide so that insta fills your google sheet:
Instagram for Business Integrations | Integromat

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What kind of metrics do you want?

The data would be the insights, for example:

  • Total followers by age group and gender
  • Total followers by country

Instagram even shows this data in the app, and they even have an API, but I don’t know if it would be possible to use their API as it needs to authenticate to get data.

I did some search, it seems like their API endpoint for getting followers info was disabled in 2018 due to the Cambridge Analytica issue.

I’m not sure if they have replaced it with another endpoint, or at this point, it’s illegal to get that data from Instagram.

However, these seems to be included in their Insights API, with an Instagram Business account.

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