Analytics and Glide

Does Glide gather user analytics from running Apps?

Examples -
a. how long users are active (since I think they are always ‘on-line’,
b. time on TABs/screens they are using,
c. times spent on input forms,
d. # of times reject/canceling inputs,
e. etc.

And is their a way to archive all activities (create/read/update/delete) for future analytics?

I create about a dozen ‘things’ via custom forms and a prospect asked can I track how many people exited a screen without taking action. Also, they wanted to know if their team was engaged within the APP and for about how long.

Good questions!

Google Analytics gives you some cool usage statistics. Probably not time spent on an input form, but it gives you statistics for tabs, user acquisition, etc.


Thanks - time to do some homework

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