All text in solid black in new pageapp


I am still struggling trying to redo things in the new format. I have a lot of text and rich text boxes containing material /exercises for my language students. In the classic app the text colour is solid black. In the new app it is. a grey - similar to this text here. I want black.

Is this doable? I have tried adding the html style (color) in rich text boxes, but I seem to have to add it for each paragraph and I have lists where it needs adding many times AND I would like the same black on all text (collection / lists) throughout the app.

The classic app does this automatically. I have Pro membership (not Business).

Is this possible?



use it in a template column

It can work with HTML setups using template columns like Uzo suggested, but to be honest doing that for every component is too much work.

So does this mean it is basically impossible without huge effort (I have lots of text components and they each include text with multiple paragraphs)?

Yeah, as far as I aware there’s no option to directly change the color of the text. Anyone else please feel free to chime in if you have a way.