Airtable sync speed

That is fantastic news David!

Great, thank you David. The Airtable sync seems to be working now :+1:.

There have been second order effects bc of the Airtable sync update: All of our Airtable tables have been duplicated as Glide tables and the app layouts/logic are pointed to the Glide tables. So we’ve lost all functionality and the app is unusable.

Is there a way for us to rollback to the previous (functional) state in our app?

Really in desperate need of help with this :pray: we have around 30 people on the field working with our amazing Glide app, and they can’t do anything at the moment.

We are in a desperate need of help with this, please do you know if we can do anything to get this up and running as before?

If it helps, my glide support ticket ID: 1988728845

@Connor_Finlayson this seems like the same issue you noticed.

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