Add multiple rows based on a form entry


My app is a field engineer jobsheet app whereby I create jobs for my engineers and they can fill out a jobsheet etc whilst carrying out work on vehicles in the field.

I have came into a situation where I may be getting a customer that has 75 vehicles that need doing.

How I create a job at the minute is:

  • Press add Job
  • Fill out the details in a form
  • Submit.

This then creates a unique job number (Previous job number +1) and adds a row to my job tab. All works perfectly.

So what I am looking to do is set an amount of jobs for a customer. For example:

  • Press add job
  • Fill out form (including an ‘amount of vehicles’ entry)
  • Submit
  • Multiple rows added based on the entry of ‘amount of vehicles’, with their own extension of the job number… i.e

0001/1, 0001/2, 0001/3, 0001/4 and so on.

I hope that makes sense.

An alternative would be to create one job as usual, then when going into that job once created there is an option to duplicate. But again i would like a way to set an amount and it adds them for me with the /1, /2, /3 etc.

Thanks for reading.


When you don’t have a number of vehicles to add, would it be just “0001”?

Would you ever delete a vehicle from the list? What would happen when you delete, let’s say “0001/2”? I assume “0001/3” and “0001/4” stays put? And if you have the ability to add more to that it would be “0001/5”?

Yes so I have an automatic system that increments by 1 when adding a new job.

Needing to remove a vehicle is a possibility, and yes the 0001/3 and 0001/4 will stay put.

Theres always the easy option of duplicating the rows and adding the /1 /2 /3 etc but there will be people booking jobs in that dont have access to that.

What are the maximum number of rows you might need to create?
If it’s (say) around 5 or less, then the simple solution would be to use an onSubmit action with multiple conditional branches.

  • If jobs = 2, then one extra add row action.
  • If jobs = 3, then two extra add row actions
  • etc

But that won’t scale. A more scalable approach is to send a webhook to something like Make, and then have Make add the desired number of rows via the API.

That’s the solution I was trying to avoid as the more jobs I need to add the more repetitive and massive the custom action will be.

Yes, as I mentioned that won’t scale very well.

So the better option is webhook → Make → API.

Do you have a Team Plan that provides API access?

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