Add conditions issue, datetime

I have a Collection displayed as a calendar with a Start datetime and End datetime.

I’ve added a condition
Actions->Allow adding events-> “Shift / Start Datetime” is before “Shift / End Datetime”

But this doesn’t seem to have any impact. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong here?

Do you really have some entries that contain a “Start Datetime” after the “End Datetime”?

Can you give us some screenshots on the result and what you expect to see?

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Yes - I really do, because I created them in tested. I don’t want the app to accept these entries.

I expect that when you select a Start Datetime after the End Datetime, then the “Submit” button would be disabled. Instead, the button is enabled and clicking it adds the event.

If its form, the data is accepted regardless and the computations happen post data entry!
I would suggest deleting the entry if not acceptable by your conditions added and showing a notification like “Error saving entry log”

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As @ShantanuIyengar said, there’s no real validation in a form environment to disable the submit button as you want.

If you need it to be validated at that stage, create a custom form. Disable the submit button with your condition should work, because it’s a visibility condition at that point.

Thank you for your answering my question.

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Please let us know if it works, we’ll be happy to help if you find any problems.

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