Add a new ROW in an existing data table

Hi, I have a glide data table already populated with 37 rows of data, I need to add a new item to show up in position 1, how do I add a new row in the table at the top of the table?

If you are displaying it in a list, can’t you just set the sorting to display it in reverse order? Or include a timestamp and sort in descending order by that date/time.

it’s not a list but cards, they display grouped by their association to a category. the order they show up in the category is currently driven by the order they are in, in the table.

So you are using the grouping function of the card list? Do those categories need to be in a certain order?

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If you are using the Group option within the list of your cards to group them, you can also use the sort option to sort them increasing, decreasing or by some other value.