Access with similar names

Dear GLIDE APPS colleagues, I hope you are very well. I would like to know how I can get a solution or a guide to access my app, what happens is that I have access as follows

" (name) is (name) " so the thing about this is that I have names that are pretty similar. Let’s say we have names Moon and Moonlight so for both names it shows the same information since they are different names, the solution would be to do it through email but it seems a bit messy to have to write people’s emails in googlesheet to show a piece of information to that person being that by name it is much simpler

Usually ROWIDs is the best solution for this but since you find email to be messy, RowID is a lot messier :stuck_out_tongue:

If the name is unique, for example moon and moonlight, then moon will see their own data and moonlight will see their own data if your condition is {user name} is {name}. If your condition is {user name} includes {name}, only then moonlight and moon will see eachothers data.

What else you can do is, assign a simple unique key to each user let’s say initials and a random 2 digit number that would make it unique and easy to incorporate.

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I mean, I’m not saying that it’s complicated, hahaha :grinning:, if I don’t mean that I don’t like working with email, but what you propose to me then, working with rowid and applying a unique password for each name, calls my attention, so that I have to comply 2 conditions that would match your name + unique password. Is it correct?

I add this unique key as part of the name or I just create a new column for this field. Which is better?

In my opinion, I would not trust the uniqueness of people’s name. Writing rowIDs is much safer, and I don’t understand how using it is any more difficult than using names.