Ability to Cast to TV from Glide Apps?

I built my client a fitness app using Glide. Her members would like to be able to “cast” their app to a TV for their workouts. I’m requesting functionality that would allow a user to cast their mobile device to a TV. Maybe this is a “mirror” type function? It is definitely different than the desktop version as it currently exists.


As far as I know, casting only applies to photos and videos. To cast your whole screen, it’s done outside the actual app — you’d be mirroring the entire phone’s display. This would have nothing to do with Glide. I’m also not sure if iOS devices can do this, or if it’s just Android.

I confirm I do it all the time with my iPhone for yoga sessions, albeit I need to install a third-party app to do the mirroring.

link to past feature request, now in archive