A tool to help you with (fake) copy for your app / page

There are a lot of them, but I think Copy.ai is a really good AI text writer. They just launched a free version where you get 100 credits to start and 10 credits a month. It can be really helpful if writing text / adds and more (even love letters!) is not your thing. In a lot of languages, but English is better than Dutch for example.
To give you an idea:

This was my input:

  • Productschool helps people without technical skills to make products from their ideas.

Copy.ai came up with these alternatives:

  • Productschool helps people build products that solve their biggest problems.
  • Productschool gives you all the skills and confidence to build your own products, but it’s not all theory — we help you get a job, too.
  • Our courses will show you how to build a product. You don’t need to know how to code, just a basic idea of what it is that you want to build. Before you know it, you’ll have a working prototype and real users interacting with your idea.
  • You should be able to work on your idea just as easily as you post photos on Instagram. You should be able to see if your biz model is viable. You should be able to create a landing page for a crowdfunding campaign and start collecting emails in about 10 minutes, not spend days together with the IT guy. We help people without technical skills to make products from their ideas.

And with these add suggestions:

  • How can people without technical skills create and launch products without being an expert? Productschool teaches anyone, no matter the discipline, how to grow a successful business around their idea.
  • If you can dream it, you can make it. You don’t need a technical background when you’re taught by the same people who have made some of the most popular products in history. Sign up for Productschool today!
  • Learn how to start a company from scratch! Productschool’s top-rated courses will teach you how to make products customers love, validate your ideas, raise capital for funding, and build products your users will obsess about.
  • Learn how to make a minimum viable product (MVP), get feedback from potential users, and build a product that people want.