A floating and swaying CSS animation

Is it fluffy and swaying?


Another great trick!

great work. can you share your CSS?

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Lol, does no good in the forums if your not going to show people how to do it. That divided image is badass though :slight_smile: congrats on that.


You know…view source or inspect would reveal the CSS pretty quickly if you really wanted it.


Yeah, I don’t. I would just make a gif that does it then link it.


Could you extract that for the noobs here? When i look at the source my head spins, no clue what to look for! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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In Chrome, if you right click on the image and do an ‘Inspect’, it will take you to the image in the source. Looking at it quickly, it looks like the CSS was injected just after the image. Just look within the style tag. Usually if you dig around a little bit, you can find the CSS styles. I’m guessing everything within the style tag is what you are looking for. Depending on where the rich text component is placed, could be anywhere in the source, but looks to be right after the image in this case.


Teach a man to fish! thanks Jeff.

I don’t know any CSS, or coding, so I often need the fish as far as what I can paste into a rich text component. But i’ll give this a go, cheers!



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There are a ton of fun use cases I can think of with this trick. Very awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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