A Final Showcase Of Custom CSS Creations (Before it goes away)

With the new announcement about Custom CSS going away, i’d like to see what everybody else came up with and will miss in the coming days… Here is what I will miss…these were all fun experiments
sometimes its just exciting to see weird ideas come to life

Different backgrounds depending on who is signed in…
My crazy geocities earth page

Switching between sections

Switchable backgrounds

my odd old dashboard for data

My fishbowl portal…

Show them if you got them so we can know forever what used to be possible…
PS: i absolutely still love glide… i hope they add the ability to use images as backgrounds…


These are my big ones in order of importance.

HTML tables (That will be hard to reproduce with native features)

A custom card style list designed to look like a calendar style list with additional info (counts) with the date, and the amount as an additional field. This was primarily done for speed since the native calendar is much slower to load and for the additional content that was important for my user, such as daily counts and amount per lesson.

The custom design for the selected item in a choice component, followed by the custom background color for the card list, followed by the curved background and additional shadow around the student image. Not deal breakers if I lose them, but will definitely make the screen less pleasing and intuitive to the user.


Yizuscrist, this reminds me of geocities and the gif-ridden-til-you-puke sites from the 90’s. :joy_cat:


We’ve built a lot of apps with css in the choice component. I’ll sorely miss that.
I can only hope that Glide remembers the importance of launching new components like the pretty table you have on your first screenshot @Jeff_Hager



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Designs with customizations in floating buttons, stopwatches, calendar lists, texts, inline lists, and other things


Read my mind

Did your calculator use css? Your challenge of the month in February or March last year. That was impressive.

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I don’t think it uses a whole lot for CSS. Most of it uses native features. I think the only CSS I used was to make the LCD screen look like an LCD screen, which is just composed of two text components right aligned with some styling to make the background slightly grey, round the corners, and adjust the sizes to remove any gap between the two components. I also added onhover or onclick CSS to change the button color when pressed. I think that was it. Otherwise every else is native, and the buttons are just tiles with colored background images that change based on a series of IF conditions.

Someday, it would be fun to get back in there and redo it to use javascript to do the calculations and simplify the IF conditions.


oh, yeah… lot’s more options available now than there were back then :+1:


love it

thanks css


Actually, it’s not going away at all…

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Yes, but the problem is that it is unstable, they no longer showed them and they made it clear to many people that this could end at any moment and that makes one doubt whether to continue using css

I hope that some good plugin is achieved that helps improve not only vizual but the functions such as the purchase buttons in glide

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But that’s nothing new, it’s always been the case. Using Custom CSS has always been at your own risk, Glide have always made that very clear. They could have taken this opportunity to “ban” it completely, but they didn’t. This makes me believe that it will remain as an unsupported option for those that want to use it, at least for now.


It has always been that way since the start that’s their point about using CSS. I’m not sure what you mean by “no longer showed them”.


gorgeous apps!